Axislayer Hosting Affiliate Program

Sign up in less than 2 minutes and start earning today! Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting Affiliate Program is a web-based pay-for-performance program that compensates affiliates for generating sales.
Join over 1,000 affiliates and help promote one of the fastest growing web hosting brands on the Internet.

How it works:

As an affiliate, you will be provided with a unique affiliate-id, links, and banners which will be necessary to promote Axislayer products. You may display the link and banners in any area on your website as you wish with Affiliate Disclosure. Whenever a visitor on your website clicks the link/banners, they will be redirected to If they sign up and make a purchase on, we will give you commission on the first sale!

You'll receive a personal affiliate login and with our online affiliate portal you can:
Track your commission payouts
View click-throughs of your links
Gain access to our banner to use for your site
Use your personalized tracking code

Benefits of Joining Axislayer Affiliate Program:

Sign Up:



We pay you via PayPal 2 months after the sale was sent.
Commissions are paid each week.


It's available inside your account once you have been approved as an affiliate


Web Hosting,Reseller Hosting

1-10   per month - Flat 15% commission on any sale
11-20 per month - Flat 25% commission on any sale. Plus 100 USD BONUS
21-50 per month - Flat 30% commission on any sale. Plus 250 USD BONUS
51+   per month - Flat 50% commission on any sale. Plus 500 USD BONUS

Minimum Payout Balance:

15 USD

Affiliate Terms of Service

Affiliate Terms of Service