SSL Certificates

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AxisLayer SSL Certificates

In the early days of the internet, it was easy to set up an ecommerce site. People didn't realize the potential hazards of sending data on an unsecured connection; customers didn't know that SSL existed, and they certainly didn't demand it. But now, an SSL certificate is mandatory for any ecommerce site, or for anyone else who asks customers to submit any kind of personal information. It's even a smart option for companies that don't ask for personal information from visitors.

Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Domain validated SSL certificates are server security certificates that provide the lowest level of validation available from commercial certificate authorities. These certificates provide basic encryption, are issued very quickly and involve a simple check to verify domain ownership. These certificates are generally the least expensive.

Organization Validated SSL Certificates

In the case of an OV certificate, the CA performs a much more substantial validation process. High assurance OrganizationSSL Certificates provide instant identity confirmation and strong SSL protection for your website. This provides a higher level of security and lets customers know they can trust your server with their personal information.

  • Affordable security from an established and respected SSL provider.
  • Quick verification of organization details: 1 - 2 business day vetting turnaround.
  • Increased visitor trust and assurance: authentication of your organizationís identity increases credibility and protects against imposters.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates

This is the highest level of validation and can take as long as a few days to complete. This type of SSL provides the highest degree of security and user trust. The validation process includes checks of physical location, phone calls to ensure the applicant is authorized to order the certificate on behalf of the company or business represented, and more

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates secures your website URL and an unlimited number of its subdomains. For example, a certificate for * secures,, etc.

  • Unlimited server licenses, unlimited re-issuance policy.
  • Simplify certificate management by securing multiple subdomains with one certificate & one expiration date.
  • Secure all subdomains today and in the future for one predictable price.
  • Immediately protect future subdomains by eliminating the time needed to purchase new certificates.

Please note that SSL certificates must be installed on your web server. Therefore, an end-to-end SSL installation support is possible only in cases where the domain is hosted at Axislayer. If the domain is hosted with any other provider, please contact their support for assistance with CSR generation and SSL installation.

  • Domain Validation

    Domain level validation is the most basic type of cheap SSL certificate and includes little more than a check to ensure the domain you're registering is actually yours.

  • Extended Validation

    Extended validation involves a very in-depth examination of your business, which provides the highest degree of user trust.

  • Organization Validation

    Organization validation goes a step beyond, checking more in-depth information about your company. The result is that they can promise more than just security to your users: they do the legwork to confirm your legitimacy, which leads users to trust your server with their personal information.

  • Wildcard SSL

    With a single wildcard SSL certificate, multiple subdomains can all be secured and verified quickly and easily.

  • Browser Recognition

    All of our certs are supported by all popular browsers and thus have exceptionally high browser recognition. No matter what you select, you know it's going to be a strong choice.

  • Encryption Level

    Most of our certs use either 256-bit encryption or 128-bit depending on the capabilities of computer and server. 256 and 128-bit are both industry standard for data protection.