Client's Reviews and Rating

We would like to share a little sample of the feedback we have recieved from our clients over the years. We have listed some recent customer testimonials - these are real quotes from our customers.
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"I've been very pleased with your services. You never cease to amaze me! Also the responses have been so great and my problem is always solved. I've referred you already to all my friends. Thank you"

Steven V. Willette, Cleveland, OH

"We are unanimously pleased with your work. The initiative, resourcefulness, and skill that you have demonstrated make us thank our stars for having found Axislayer."

Christin Maurer, Spain

"Axislayer is my Favorite registrar. The prices are great and service is great too. Axislayer include a whole load of goodies with every domain registration that other registrars don't offer.
The control panel is also very simple and user friendly. It's very easy to use"

Carl Ulyanov, Russia

"I have selected your hosting services based on price offered, but I have find out that quality of service may in fact exceed the value presented by the price factor"

Esther Ivarsson, Sweden

"Been a customer for many years. Always satisfied."

Mateus Goncalves Souza, Brazil

"everything was easy and quick. just perfect"

Elliot Knight, United Kingdom

"Axislayer web hosting, you offer the most high quality hosting I've purchased, I've used many hosting brands and yours just out performs all of them. Look forward to staying with you in the future!"

Jonathon A. Shiffer, Redding, CA

"Great value for money, loads of features, great server uptime. I have been on a lot of hosts, Axislayer ranks at the top for me. Their customer support is the best I have ever seen. I have always gotten helpful and kind replys. Thank you for the great hosting experience Axislayer."

Kathy K. Cohen, Garden City, NY

"Once again I have to praise Axislayer for its excellent customer support & quality of service."

Matheus Witvoet, Netherlands

"I am extremely impressed with the tools you provide your customers. I mean, just having the ability to manage my own email accounts, and make changes to them, without having to make a phone call is a real blessing."

Amit, India

"You guys are literally everything I need & more in a webhost, thank you."

Hunter Kennerley, Australia

"I recommend Axislayer to all of my seo clients. Couldn't be happier with the stability and excellent customer service!"

Vincenzo Li Fonti, Italy

"Just wanted to say, thanks axislayer you really rock, you are the best host i ever had :-)"

Flordelis Franchet, France

"Great ticketing system, timely response, very pleased to be hosted here. Thanks a million."

Lana S. Otto, Encinitas, CA

"Very good customer support, representatives take the time to explain how to resolve issues with website, my site rarely goes down, the whole thing just works right."

Larry T. Hardin, Everett, WA

"As a company that relies heavily on its web site as a business tool, we take the issue of hosting extremely seriously. Our old web host promised us site statistics which was never able to deliver them reliably. The server statistics at Axislayer are amazingly detailed and reliably available. We now know more about our site's traffic than we ever did."

Freddie Franklin, United Kingdom

"Axislayer is great! I use them for all of my domain name needs, and have never had an issue. They're great!"

Sz÷l˘sy Mihßly, Hungary

"Axislayer is Best Domain & Web Hosting Provider I really Love it thanks Axislayer for everything."

Finnborg Hˇlmsteinsdˇttir, Iceland

"Excellent. Super easy!"

Gladys E. Totten, Northampton, PA

"It's my first time to transact with Axislayer, and it gave me no headache. It was quick."

Wayne M. Thompson, New Bern, NC

"Getting a domain name for myself was very quick and easy!"

Kieran Barnett, United Kingdom

"Very user-friendly, which is always much appreciated. Many thanks :)"

Maximilian Fried, Germany